Fluid Hauling for the Oil & Gas Industry

At Deyell Contracting Ltd. we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our workers and other workers present in the workplace. We believe that all occupational injury, illness and property damage is preventable and through proactive management of risk and at-risk behaviour, injury and loss can be eliminated from our company.


Our goal is to create value for our customers by offering a service that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations in safety, communication and environmental concerns while maintaining a cost-effective service.


We recognize that all workers have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment consistent with the government regulations and client rules as well as all other applicable legislation.


At Deyell Contracting Ltd. we are committed to take every reasonable effort to eliminate the hazards that cause accidents and injuries in our workplace and to be ultimately, incident free. Government regulations and client rules will be complied with at all times.


Your cooperation and compliance in the promotion of accident prevention will assist in achieving our goal to make the job tasks at Deyell Contracting Ltd. safer. Workers within the company, regardless of position, are required to participate and are encouraged to assist in the development of the Health and Safety Program.


Our expectation is that managers, workers and all other personnel including visitors will perform their responsibilities safely and with due diligence.


Management will develop appropriate standards and procedures, provide training and maintain all equipment. In the event of injury, we will actively work to return the injured worker back to work as soon as medically possible. All management is directly responsible for providing a safe and healthy work environment.


Employees, contractors and visitors will be held responsible and accountable for ensuring that they are adhering to and following our policies to protect their health and safety at all times.

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